Get to know some of the amazing women that will be speaking at UniCon this year!
Jessica HallJessica Hall

Jessica Hall

Jessica is one of the most diverse tv personalities of today. Her multi faceted approach to being on both sides of the camera have allowed her to be seen on many shows including co-starring on Kendra On Top. She is also an entrepreneur and creator of many different digital platforms such as her sleepless mom blog.

Lisa BreckenridgeLisa Breckenridge

Lisa Breckenridge

After 30 years as a newscaster, 17 of them in Los Angeles, Lisa decided to shift her focus. Instead of all the bad news she delivered as a broadcaster, Lisa is now sharing happy news on her blog Happily Lisa. From workout, beauty and fashion tips, to travel, restaurant reviews and recipes.

Kim CaldwellKim Caldwell

Kim Caldwell

This Texas born singer and TV host has reached every stage from being a finalist on American Idol to now becoming a regular on the Steve Harvey Show. She’s a true chameleon and holds many other titles such as actress, beauty columnist, brand ambassador and even Mom. Kim is all about spreading laughs and empowerment. Kimberly Caldwell became a household name when she was a finalist on season 2 of American Idol, but she’s been performing since the age of five in Texas. From holding the record for most number of wins as a Jr. Vocalist on the original Ed McMahon’s Star Search to performing for George and Barbara Bush’s 50th wedding anniversary at the Grand Ole Opry, she has always been an entertainer at heart.

And Many More To Be Announced!